Sales and Marketing in a depressed economy

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Some tips on how to maintain or grow you business in lean or hard times. 

Everywhere you go in Zimbabwe, be it in the city or rural areas, you hear " Times are hard? there is no liqudity." Stories of companies closing down and throwing many people onto the streets abound. Yet life goes on. In fact for some businesses who are focussed on the right things, prospects actually improve and so do sales. In our article today we focus on sales and marketing tips that you can employ to remain in business or even grow your businesses in the most difficult of circumstances.

Why are some businesses still standing today, while others are folding yet they are in the same industry or line of business. If you take a closer look you will notice that the ones that have survived thus far have been doing a few things consistently. Here are some of them:

1. They have taken the bitter pill early by realigning their cost structures. Reducing overheads and getting rid of dead weight is not an easy thing, yet it is often the most important thing you can and must do to keep your business afloat. Lower overheads mean that you save on costs and the sales you generate can now support the new cost structure with less strain.

2. Product and Service diversification. Many people dont tweak their businesses to take advantage of some complimentary businesses that can help you generate extra revenue. 

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