Branded T-shirts - SomeTips on how to use them to market your cause

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In Zimbabwe we have all been handed over a t-shirt as a prize for participating in a competition or in some extreme cases we received one for attending an event, such as a golf day. A lot goes into the decision to give out tshirts or something other items. Most people agree that tshirts are very personal. 

Depending on wel we design a tshirt the people we give these tshirts to can become very attached to them to the point of wearing them often. All markerters will agree they hate seeing a tshirt they gave out being used as doormat. While the cost of tshirts is usually low, get some prices here, the return on investment can be low if we dont take time to create a good design. The reason we give out a tshirt is to take a message out at the least cost. The more our tshirt is worn, the higher our return on investment, because we expect that the more people see our message, the greater the chances of someone following up and making a purchase of our product. Before you order some tshirts remember these important tips:

1. Good Art starts with a good canvas, so does a good tshirt. Start with high quality tshirt, one that someone will want to wear every now and again Fabric quality matters!, a lot. 

2. Choose an appropriate printing method. People have different preferences when it comes to printing their artwork onto a tshirt. When deciding what method to use its important to consider many factors longevity on the printed tshirt, frequency of use and type of washing (machine washed tshirts tend to wear out quicker than hand washed ones)

3. Lastly, when designing a tshirt for marketing purposes less is more. Dont splash the who tshirt with your message. No-one wants to wear a tshirt that is covered with your message unless they are being paid to do so! 

In future posts we will cover how to select a tshirt, design a tshirt and much more. 

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